Abstract: The response to the transfer of Asbab Annzul Al-Qur'an contributes to the stand against the background of the descent of the verses, which sheds light on the social and cultural reality that was at the time of the people, and reveals something of the greatness of Islam where he was able to change the...
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Abstract: Corruption means misuse of public funds, behavior contrary to laws and morals, and violation of public interests, through the exploitation of public money and its use illegally to achieve special interests. Corruption may be systematic, may be irregular behavioral disorder, and may in some forms amount to criminal crime: bribery, money laundering, embezzlement, fraud,...
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Government institutions digitalization is an important element of development in advanced systems. The adoption of e-Government has great potential for the effective interaction between citizens and policymakers. The trends for development and digitalization of governmental activities raised the necessity for the adoption of the e-government in public sector institutions. The key factors affecting the adoption...
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