Department of English

No doubt, English Language is considered nowadays as an opening window to see the reality of the twenty first century. Being so, the department message focuses on making use of the availability of unique chance to teach English Language for meeting the requirements of this new life in general and the aspiration of the citizens of Kurdistan Region- Iraq, in particular. Its main concern is to let this generation read, write, understand and speak English well so as to run parallel with the developments of human being’s mind and the use of technical machines as well as the unified language of internet, mass media and journalism. Learning English Language enables students of Kurdistan Region to understand the different cultures of Western societies since it is practically considered as an international language.


The vision of the department can be considered as a means for achieving its message. The achievement of the message comes through preparing and creating well- qualified graduates specialized in English Language and literature for building the Kurdish society in both the short term and long term. It looks forward to establishing an outstanding department with high international standards that enhances teaching and training processes of students to prepare them for the future responsibilities and careers needed to serve faithfully the local society, in particular, and world in general. Graduates of this department must be efficient to continue their higher studies in the different fields of English language such as Linguistics, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics and Literature. In addition, the department is keen on creating fruitful ties with its counterpart departments and educational institutions inside and outside the country.


The mission of the department is to enhance the qualification of the graduate students and form a basis for specialists in the fields of Linguistics, English Literature, Semantics, Pragmatics as well as Stylistics. It strives to prepare the graduates for dealing with a fast- changing society in Kurdistan Region- Iraq, in particular, and the world in general. It also prepares the graduate students to cope with the development of the technological facilities used in the field of education. In addition, it attempts to provide unique and appropriate learning opportunities for promising future. 
The department also makes use of the intellectual development and upgrading English utilization capabilities for creating competent researchers in different levels of English and Kurdish linguistics through contrastive studies.


Department of English in the LFU aims to achieve two kinds of objectives: (A) general and (B) specific. They are as follows:

General Objectives:

(1) Preparing and qualifying well- educated and fluent speakers of English to meet the demands of Kurdish Society in Kurdistan Region.
(2) Raising the level of education in the entire Region by means of English as an international language.
(3) Creating a solid ground for the cross- cultural communication.
(4) Developing a spirit of cooperation and feedback with the alumni.
(5) Preparing students to work in the global competitive market.

Specific Objectives:

(1) Enabling Students to master the basic language skills, i.e. listening, speaking, writing and reading.
(2) Equipping the graduate students with the critical and creative thinking abilities.
(3) Creating opportunities for students to get acquainted with English culture and history.
(4) Getting graduates ready for higher studies.
(5) Training students to conduct academic researchers in accordance with scientific research procedure.
(6) Developing students’ adjustable and practical skills needed for more studies. 
(7) Employing highly qualified teaching personnel who are keen on distinctiveness in teaching and researching and providing them with vital tools to get the highest level of knowledge in their respective areas.

Admission Requirements
1- The applicant should be graduate of the preparatory school in both its scientific and literary branches.
2- The general average should not be less than %58.

course Book Department of English

1st Year (First Semester)

  • Basic Grammar I
  • Introduction to Literature            
  • Communicative English I           
  • Kurdology
  • Pronunciation   
  • Computer Skills I           

1st Year (Second Semester)

  • Basic Grammar II             
  • English Literature            
  • Comprehension I            
  • Writing Skills     
  • Kurdology          
  • Pronunciation II
  • Computer Skills

2nd Year (First Semester)

  • Grammar I          
  • Phonetics I         
  • Comprehension I            
  • 16th Century Drama      
  • 16th Century Poetry      
  • Short story          

2nd Year (Second Semester)

  • Grammar II        
  • 17th Century Novel II    
  • Phonology II      
  • Reading Skills II
  • 17th Century Drama II   
  • 17th Century Poetry II   
  • Paragraph Writing II       
  • Communicative English II              

3rd Year (First Semester)

  • Morphology
  • 18th Century Novel        
  • Introduction to Linguistics           
  • Essay Writing    
  • French I
  • 18th Century Drama      
  • 18th Century Poetry      
  • Translation          

3rd Year (Second Semester)

  • Syntax
  • 19th Century Novel        
  • General Linguistics          
  • Communicative English III            
  • French II              
  • 19th Century Drama      
  • 19th Century Poetry

4th Year (First Semester)

  • French III            
  • Generative Syntax          
  • Early Modern Novel       
  • Semantics          
  • Literary Criticism I           
  • Early Modern Drama     
  • Early Modern Poetry

4th Year (Second Semester)

  • Translation
  • Late Modern Novel        
  • Pragmatics
  • Literary Criticism II          
  • French4
  • Late Modern Drama       
  • Late Modern Poetry      
  • Research Project