Research Center

About (a brief introduction)

The Research Center and Innovation at the Lebanese French University (LFU) is a dynamic academic unit dedicated to advancing research and fostering innovation across various disciplines. It serves as a pivot for cutting-edge scientific inquiry, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the exploration of innovative solutions to societal challenges. This Centre comprises a diverse group of experts from different scientific disciplines, including Law, Medicine, Political Science, Psychology, Mathematics, literature, linguistics, and applied linguistics or TESOL. This composition reflects the Centre’s objective of embracing a multidisciplinary approach.

 With a commitment to excellence, integrity, collaboration, and impact, the center strives to make significant contributions to knowledge, promote responsible research practices, and create a positive impact on local and global communities. By embracing emerging technologies, interdisciplinary approaches, and a culture of continuous learning, the Research Center and Innovation at LFU aims to be at the forefront of research and innovation, driving transformative change and shaping a better future.

The establishment of the Centre builds upon an ongoing mission that involves the intersection of legal science with other areas of knowledge and scientific investigation. Its primary aim is to critically analyze and synthesize relevant information from various fields, facilitating a better understanding of current global issues and working towards effective solutions.

The Research Centre and Innovation plays a pivotal role in driving scientific excellence at the Lebanese French University. The working staff are at the forefront of adopting new technologies and offer a wide range of resources to the community. Holding a vision that extends beyond research, and aspire to be leaders in providing comprehensive service and high-quality education on a global scale.


1- Facilitating the connection between scientific and social research with the community to promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge and information.

2-  Encourage and facilitate the development and growth of the research and innovation landscape.

3- Recognize, encourage, and establish agreement with colleges, departments, and units regarding research prospects and available resources in the short and long term.

4- Establish new research and scholarship communities while connecting existing ones, strategically to invest in expanding opportunities, and remain at the forefront of scientific advancements, education, and scholarship.

5- Cultivate, oversee, enhance, and maintain international scientific collaboration and the exchange of expertise at a global level.


To be the community’s leading health care research, learning, and training institute, and to provide the highest quality of consultancy to researchers on an institutional, state, and global scale.


The mission of the Research Center and Innovation at the Lebanese French University is to be at the foreground of academic excellence and contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge across various disciplines. The center strives to foster a culture of innovation, inquiry, and collaboration among researchers, students, and faculty members.

Through its mission, the Research Center and Innovation aims to:

  • Leadership in research: The center aims to be a leader in conducting groundbreaking research across a wide range of disciplines. By fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. It seeks to make significant contributions to the global research landscape.
  • Promote cutting-edge research: The center endeavors to encourage and support high-quality research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge in diverse fields.
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration: Recognizing the value of interdisciplinary approaches, the center promotes collaboration among researchers from different disciplines. Bybridging gaps and fostering connections. It encourages innovative thinking and the exploration of new research avenues.
  • Support knowledge transfer: The center emphasizes the importance of translating research findings into practical applications and societal impact. It facilitates the dissemination of research outcomes and encourages researchers to engage with the community, industry, and policymakers, fostering knowledge exchange and real-world implementation.
  • Cultivate a research-driven environment: The center strives to create a stimulating environment that nurtures curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. It provides a platform for researchers to share ideas, seek feedback, and collaborate on projects, fostering a culture of continuous learning and intellectual growth.
  • Empower researchers: The center is committed to providing comprehensive support to researchers, including mentorship, training programs, and access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources. By empowering researchers, it aims to enhance their capabilities, productivity, and overall research output.

Overall, the mission of the Research Center and Innovation at the Lebanese French University is to be a catalyst for research excellence, innovation, and societal impact, making significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge and addressing the complex challenges of our time.

Our Values:

The Research Center and Innovation at the Lebanese French University upholds a set of core values that guide its operations, interactions, and contributions to the academic and research community. These values include:

Excellence: The center is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic excellence in all research and innovation endeavors. It strives for exceptional quality in research outcomes, methodologies, and scholarly contributions.

Integrity: Integrity is a fundamental value that the center promotes. It emphasizes ethical conduct, honesty, and transparency in all research activities, including data collection, analysis, and reporting. The center values intellectual reliability, fosters a culture of academic integrity, and promotes responsible research practices.

Collaboration: The center recognizes the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches. It values teamwork, cooperation, and the exchange of ideas among researchers from different disciplines. By fostering collaboration, the center aims to leverage diverse perspectives and expertise to generate innovative solutions to complex problems.

Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of the center’s mission. It encourages a culture of creativity, risk-taking, and exploration of new ideas and approaches. The center embraces emerging technologies, methodologies, and interdisciplinary research to drive innovation and make meaningful contributions to knowledge and society.

Impact: The center places a strong emphasis on making a positive impact on society and the academic community. It seeks to address pressing societal challenges, contribute to sustainable development, and create tangible benefits for individuals, communities, and industries through research and innovation activities.

Diversity and Inclusion: The center values diversity in all its forms, including disciplinary backgrounds, cultural perspectives, and individual experiences. It fosters an inclusive research environment that respects and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. The center believes that a diverse and inclusive research community leads to richer, more comprehensive research outcomes.

Continuous Learning: The center embraces a culture of continuous learning and professional development. It encourages researchers to pursue ongoing education, stay updated on the latest advancements in their fields, and engage in professional growth opportunities.By adhering to these core values, the Research Center and Innovation at the Lebanese French University aims to foster an environment that promotes excellence, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and societal impact in its research and innovation endeavors.

Research Areas

Engineering and Computer Science

  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Network
  • Information Technology

Education and Languages

  • General Education
  • Language and Translation (English- Kurdish- Arabic- French)
  • Apply linguistics

Law and International Relations

  • Law
  • International Relations
  • Political Science
  • Sociology

Health Sciences

  • Medical Laboratory science
  • Nursing