Directorate of Information Systems

A Lebanese French University Directorate of Information Systems is a department within an organization that is responsible for managing and overseeing the information technology (IT) services. This includes the provision of IT infrastructure, the development and implementation of IT strategies, and ensuring the security of the system. The Directorate of Information Systems (DIS) is the technological backbone of our university, overseeing and advancing the integration of information technology across academic, research, and administrative domains. Committed to innovation, collaboration, and cybersecurity, the DIS plays a crucial role in shaping a digital landscape that enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our University. In this brief overview, we’ll delve into the key functions and contributions of the DIS, highlighting its central role in our university’s technological evolution.




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Our Team

Mr.Zanyar Rzgar


Mr. Zanyar Rzgar

Mr.Hangaw Mohammed


Mr. Hangaw Mohammed

Mr.Mohammed Salih


Mr. Mohammed Salih