Undergraduate Program

College of Engineering and Computer Science

As part of Lebanese French University’s strategic plan to move forward, the College of Engineering and Science is a new college proposed by a council of a university to cope with the upcoming demands and development in Kurdistan. The main aim of this college is to produce a graduate that has a high sense of current technological advancement in the field of engineering and science.


Computer Engineering

Information Technology

Computer Network

In general, our college is intended to prepare individuals with a strong mathematical, scientific, or technical background for entry into the computer science field.

The college will ensure that graduate students know the fundamentals of Computer Science. We will be an outstanding department as measured by the:

  • Provide excellent undergraduate and graduate education in a state-of-the-art environment.

  • preparing students for careers as computer scientists in industry, government and academia.

  • Advance theoretical, experimental, and applied computer science through nationally and internationally recognized research by faculty and students; and Support society by participating in and encouraging technology transfer.

  • Excellent preparation of our graduates for leadership in the profession and in higher education.


The College vision is to become the best college in the region at integrating engineering and science in education and research. In this way, there are three strategic directions that will help us reach this goal: Innovative Education, Transformative Research and National recognition.

The college’s mission is to generate new knowledge in engineering/ science-related fields, and to equip students from diverse backgrounds to become leaders and citizens responsible for the betterment of individuals and society.


Why Study Here?

The college will start with three departments and hopes to expand the number of departments in the near future. The three departments are the current existing Department of Information Technology, Department of Computer Engineering, and Department of Computer Networking.

The Academic offers include 3 major specializations so your degree will surely reflect your interests and strengths.