College of Administration and Economics
In all educational systems around the world, demand is increasing for the use of modern technologies in teaching students the knowledge and skills they need in the twenty-first century where the consideration of education has changed. It has depended on the effort of teaching only and the recipient was the student, to be the learner on the basis of the process of education, learning and teaching. The teacher is the guide and guidance, became a positive consideration of education which is a natural process, and not negative. The process of integration depends on the strength of the learner, a process which aims at finding solutions to problems. Hence, is the strategic plan for the College of Administration and Economics which starts from the prediction of the future, and how to deal optimally with the variables surrounding them, and increase the knowledge of the College itself and its potential, and required to achieve, and deal with priorities, with the issues of the College and accelerate the growth of a clear direction agreed upon. This is to improve the process of decision making in the college and to develop the work environment and to provide an accurate database of the faculty..

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