Undergraduate Program

College of Education and Languages

College of Education and Languages was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan Region in 2013. The pioneer departments of this college were the English Language department and General Education department established in the same year. The following year many other departments were established. Currently, the college comprised of Six departments; Department of English Language, Department of General Education includes (English language branch, Kurdish language branch, IT branch, Mathematics branch, Kindergarten Branch, and Sociality Branch), Department of French Language, Department of Educational Art, Department of Kurdish Language, Department of Arabic and Translation Language, and Department of Russian Language.


General Education

Fine Arts


Kurdish Language


Arabic Language and Translation


Changing Tomorrow Through Today’s Education

The College of Education and Languages’ mission is to train skilled professionals to work as teachers, instructors, supervisors, counsellors, and other related professionals in the educational agencies and human service fields. In addition, the College of education is a regional leader in combining teaching and learning, knowledge development through research and curriculum development, and outreach leadership.


College of Education and Languages at Lebanese French University is a place of excellence to improving the quality and understanding of education, languages and social services. Our mission is to prepare learner-enthusiasm educators with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to make a meaningful difference in the world. It also committed to extending and deepening awareness about the development and application of human capabilities.

Why Study Here?

Students mostly choose to study at the university level to further an interest in a particular specialist, or in a particular ability. Some careers, such as education, and Languages cannot be proficient without a specific vocational degree. Therefore, we prepare to provide great opportunities to engage students with knowledge and skills, also to develop transferable skills such as communication, presentation and problem-solving skills, to develop their ability to work in private and public sector agencies.

The Academic offers include 6 major specializations so your degree will surely reflect your interests and strengths.