Social Support Center

What is  social support center ?

Social support is exceptionally important for maintaining good physical and mental health. it is often identified as a key component of solid relationships and strong psychological health, social support builds people up during times of stress and often gives them the strength to carry on and even thrive.

Poor social support has been linked to depression and loneliness and has been shown to alter brain function, Research has also demonstrated the link between social relationships and many different aspects of health and wellness, other studies have shown the benefit of social support, including the following:

  • Improving the ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Promoting lifelong good mental health
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors
  • Encouraging adherence to a treatment plan
  • Helping a person with various daily tasks when they are ill or offering financial assistance when they are in need
  • Giving advice to a student when they are facing a difficult situation
  • Providing caring, empathy, and concern for loved ones in need
  • Informational support means providing information to help someone.


Types of Social Support in LFU Social support center (SSC)

1)Emotional Support 

This type of support can be particularly important during times of stress or when people are feeling lonely.

2)Instrumental Support 

Such support is important when people have immediate needs that must be addressed. 

3)Informational Support 

This can involve providing guidance, advice, information, and mentoring. Such support can be important when making decisions or big changes in one’s life.

4)Esteem Support 

This type of social support is shown in expressions of confidence or encouragement.