Department of General Education

About the Department

General Education department, which is part of College of Languages and General Education at LFU, was registered and approved in 2013 by the ministry of higher education and scientific research in Kurdistan region. This department is aiming for preparing elementary and middle school teachers for careers in education while equipping with the tools they need to tackle everyday obstacles and stay abreast of scientific, technological, and pedagogical advances. Additionally, the department endeavors to maximize collaboration with other educational and cultural organizations in Iraq in general, and Kurdistan in particular, in order to foster the earning potential of the educational supervisors. The department aspires to make use of the recent technological devices and the modern teaching/ learning strategies while training the educational cadre. The department offers the students to choose one of the following branches for their batter performance:

  • English Branch
  • IT branch
  • Social Studies
  • Kurdish branch
  • Mathematics branch


Towards an integral formation and professional development of teaching, counselling, research and propagation of social knowledge, to learn the scientific principles of behavior and cultural processes in to cultivate ethical individuals who have enhance diverse people, cultures and perspectives.


GE courses provide an opportunity for students to work with peers from diverse intellectual and disciplinary backgrounds to develop habits of mind that complement their chosen field of study. GE courses help students reach across disciplines to provide them with a breadth of experiences. It is a vibrant and innovative academic unit committed:

Shahzad Ramadan Hasan

              Head of Department

No. of Students:51
No. of Staff:
Number of Modules:


Office Hour: 8:45 AM – 2:30 PM
Contact us: [email protected]