Department of Legal Administration

About the Department

The department of Legal Administration was established in the academic year of 2014-2015. This mobility is a reflection of Kurdistan region’s concern about improving the level of legal and administrative acknowledgement to support those who are employed in the fields of law, judgment and legal administration. The department is also meant to establishing a part of those attempts which are in the field for developing the steps toward improving the humanity evolution in Kurdistan region. In the project towards improvement, we take part in the process of development which the government is ambitious about it.



Legal administration department plays a significant role in improving the level of  expertise, legal culture and legal administration of the graduated students of the  Legal Administration department in Lebanese French University. To this end both  of the theoretical and practical aspects are employed to train qualified and  effective graduate students to meet the requirements in the career field.

As a result of the rapid change in the society’s movement forward and to join the  revolution in the existing educational and technological fields, Legal Administration  department’s duties for increasing knowledge are essential. In the same token, the  department tries to catch up with the changes achieved in all the aspects of social  life

This can be done through the appropriate realization of the laws and awareness of  the importance of both theoretical and practical fields. It can also be done by an  accurate practice of legal administration along with identifying all the necessary  tactics, rights and responsibilities. This guarantees this claim that improvement at  a unique social level has achieved. 

The improvement of the level of specialty in legal administration demands the  student’s level of knowledge to be at a high level. It also requires that the  department employs knowledgeable instructors with an acceptable educational  background, provides a comprehensive library and applies the newest teaching  methodology which the most improved technology has ever achieved. The  newest laws should be manifested though. We try to keep the department at the  level of the similar departments of the other universities to activate educational  assessment and to identify the means of studying and practical assessments.


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Hazhar Omer Mohammed

              Head of Department

No. of Students:104
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Office Hour: 8:45 AM – 2:30 PM
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