Sport Center

Welcome to the Sports Center of the University of Lebanese French.

The Sports Center of the University of Lebanese French is situated on the University’s campus. While the Sports Centre provides a comprehensive selection of amenities, it is primarily focused on keeping you healthy and active during your stay at the University. We provide activities for people of all ages and abilities in each of our facilities’ sports, including football, volleyball, handball, basketball, and tennis and the most important thing that gives LFU’s sport center gives a good mood for players while they are playing since the green zone around it.

1. Football

A high-quality soccer field is available at the Lebanese French University, and it is utilized by both students and academic staff to engage in soccer competitions. 

2. Volleyball

Furthermore, in addition to being contemporary, the volleyball court at Lebanon French University is also of good quality, making it an excellent venue for volleyball matches. 

3. Handball

The handball court of the Lebanese French University is of high quality for soccer games, and it is used by both students and faculty. 

4. Tennis

The tennis stadium at the Lebanese French University provides great settings for students and academic staff to practice their tennis skills.