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About the Department

The importance of the French language increases as a result of initiatives to support the formation of French organizations and businesses in this area. Generally, by offering students a comprehensive program not only for language learning but also with regard to the knowledge of the French culture, this department permits them to be better competent to accomplish the needs of their professional future in all relevant sectors likely to recruit them thereafter.


“Language and culture are inseparable; the study of other cultures also offers new perspectives on one’s own.”

The French Department provides its students with a thorough training in French language and culture, enabling them to interact freely and easily with French native speakers in all areas of linguistic competency. Students acquire an active command of written and spoken French, and discover and appreciate French and Francophone cultures. In addition to building linguistic and cultural competence in all students, we seek to provide students with the analytical skills necessary to understand the expressions and manifestations of these cultures through the study, in French, of literature, linguistics and civilization.

Finally, since we believe that direct contact and experience with the French-speaking world in and beyond the classroom are inseparable from these goals, we also encourage students for study at the French institute, to obtain official diplomas (DELF B2) which will open the doors to life in a French-speaking country.

The mission of the department of French is:
– To enable the students to think and express their ideas and sentiments in French
– To use the language effectively for the purpose of practical communication
– To know more about France its culture and civilization
– To enable students to pursue their higher studies in French
– To help the students grow and contribute to the multicultural community by its openness
to diversity.

The vision for the department of French is to bring the joy and utility of learning French language, French culture and literature. However, French department is additionally attempting to enable students to develop their attitudes, beliefs, and skills that improve intercultural dialogue. Furthermore, it seeks to become a nationally recognized center of excellence for learning and teaching in French and Francophone studies.


Undergraduate Program

Postgraduate Program

Sarah Kayfi Akram

              Head of Department

No. of Students:75
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Office Hour: 8:45 AM – 2:30 PM
Contact us: [email protected]