Business Consultancy Center

Business Consultancy Center

Our business consultancy center offers tailored consulting services for business companies. We mainly provide services to business start-up, business expansion, risk assessment, and business performance, including marketing and and sales. We also support business organizations in designing their structure, job descriptions, and planning human resources. Our services include intensive training and coaching for business organizations and staff development. 


What do we do for your business?

  • We help you draft a business plan for a business start-up and business expansion.
  • We help you to design and redesign your human resource management strategies.
  • We will work with you to carry out business and employees performance assessments.
  • We compile a list of the solution to your current business problems and performance matters.
  • We help you decide and carry out our proposed business strategies to move your business forward.

Why choose LFU Business Consultancy Center?  

We have a number of experienced business experts who have in-depth knowledge across business sectors. Our consultants have the fruitful background from different countries; that helps us to provide best possible solution to our clients.

Cost of Services:

The cost of our services depends on the scale of the research required, the volume of the tasks, and the complications of the cases. Before commencement of any work, we will provide you with a written quotation and agree upon the costs.

     Dr. nabaz Nawzad abdullah

Contact Information

To get further information on our Business Consultancy services, please get in touch with

Dr. Nabaz Nawzad using the details below:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +964 (750) 370 1079