Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Why Quality?

The University encompasses several different cultures of both undergraduates and post graduates, professional academics, technologists, administration staff in charge of civilizing learners with a high-quality knowledge in all the distinctive domains in Lebanese French University. The vital aim of QA is feeding the young generations’ minds with a standardized education at the level of the recognized international universities. Also prepare the graduates with all the practical skills in their special desired fields for the job market on both local and international heights. All the criteria for the academic procedures and knowledge deliverance are harmonious with QA of the international universities.


The crucial goal of the QA program is to emphasize offering the undergraduates with a standard academic study curriculum in all the colleges of Lebanese French University. Providing an academic environment that encourages the implications of educational theories, learning, and most importantly research exploration as part of higher education studies in Lebanese French universities. The alumnae are provided with chances for the labor markets, and implicate the knowledge they have achieved proudly and are able to extend their studies after their graduation in the competitive universities around the world.


The vision of QA and Accreditation program is to establish and inspect the high quality of education and Knowledge for the diverse civils of undergraduates and post graduates. Gifting them practical skills that prepares them to compete in the local and international labor markets.


The objectives of the QA program in LFU is related to the quality of the curriculum and academic accreditation. Intensifying the works to see improvement locally and internationally to a level close to the ranks of the ideal universities, thereby encouraging an educational setting that emphasizes quality. Supervising the overall educational performance evaluation and QA of the intellects and administrative members. Conveying authentic and up to date knowledge and practices regarding research, data analysis, supporting academic inputs, professional planning for the efficiency of LFU.