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At the threshold of globalization, the relation between the governments, nations and ethnics has grown a lot. One specific characteristic of this phenomenon is the innovation in communication and transportation which the connecting diplomatic tools have a great impact on it. Kurdistan region as a political entity, like its people and  government, is in an urgent need of improving its relation with governments, people and ethnics and luckily it has taken a great step towards that end. To improve these connections, to activate and empower them demand a scholarly and academic analysis of the relation between the nations, government and the ethnics. It also requires a detailed comprehension  of political alertness and the investment of human resources. From the view point of deliberation and contemplation, this vision serves the highest interests of the country and the nation. In this respect, Lebanese French university highly appreciates the participation in training and accumulating  human resources who are professional and knowledgeable  in policy and international relations.


International Relations department takes it upon itself, to provide  human resources which are equipped with abundant specialized awareness and knowledge of policy and international relations. It also endeavors to yield individuals who have passed different stages of investigation in the field. This results in establishing relations based on humanistic values and consequently it generates larger positivity among cultural and civilized generations. Academic studies in this field is also one of the life priorities. It enables the means of natural and political relations to serve the international peace and stability along with the economic and social growth of the nations. On the other hand the economic, social and political status of our region is in an urgent need of an autonomic human resource to employ the knowledge and the studied subjects concerning the international relations and to inspire the welfare of the country.  Relying on a scientific reflection creates and implants a sound autonomic policy and strategy which directs the path of international and political relations to the idea of serving the highest interests of the country and society.


The department’s motif is that the communities, generations and governments cannot survive without communication. That is why the nature of the relations has and will have a tremendous effect on the fate of humanity. Enhancing those relations in an accurate and effective way, demands the official, private and political organizations like foreign ministries, embassies  and  other various organizations have permanent relations. Leading those organizations requires expert and experienced staff with enough knowledge and specialty. Likewise enriching  the relations and policies with knowledge and awareness becomes a source of peaceful  spiritual power for the nation and the country.  


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Younis Talat Al-Dabbagh

              Head of Department

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