Department of Marketing

About the Department

The Department was established by order of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 14457/5 on 07/12/2012

Roles of Marketing Department

  • Defining and managing your brand. This involves defining who you are, what you stand for, what you say about yourself, what you do, and how your company acts. This, in turn, defines the experience you want your customers and partners to have when they interact with you.
  • initiatives. Marketing proactively identifies the products and services to focus on over the course of your sales cycle and then produces materials and communications that get the word out.
  • Producing marketing and promotional materials. Your marketing department should create the materials that describe and promote your core products and/or services, and keep them up-to-date as those products and services evolve.
  • Creating content providing search engine optimization for your website. Your website is often the first (and possibly the only) place people go for information about you. Your marketing department will be responsible for keeping Web content current, while also working to ensure your site comes up quickly when someone searches for your type of business.
  • Monitoring and managing social media. Marketing should contribute to, manage and maintain your social media pages and accounts and carefully watch what is being posted about you online.
  • Producing internal communications. Your employees need to understand your company, its values, its goals, and its priorities. Marketing is often responsible for employee communications through a newsletter and/or intranet.

The vision of the Marketing Department is expected to make a significant contribution to  the local economy by supplying academically trained personnel capable of taking on duties  and making marketing and strategic decisions. The department will continue to enhance its  teaching programs, attract the greatest talent, update teaching methods, and make fully  utilize of information technology resources. 

The main tasks of the marketing department could be summarized as follows: 

1) It endeavors to equip its students with the information, knowledge, and skills related  to marketing. 

2) It strives to prepare the qualified cadre that can work in marketing fields. 

3) It provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge and experience related  to advertisement design specifying its communicative content.

4) It supplies students with practical experiences in the area of electronic marketing.


Undergraduate Program

Postgraduate Program

Dashty Ismil Jamil

              Head of Department

No. of Students:73
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Office Hour: 8:45 AM – 2:30 PM
Contact us: [email protected]