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Department of Fine Arts

Graphic Art Education Department has been established along with the establishment of the College of Education and Languages in LFU (2014-2015). The period of undergraduate studies is four years. It ends with granting a bachelor degree in “Graphic Art Education”. Department of Graphic Art Education is one of the leading and efficient organization that aims at reviving the fine arts with all its fields (photography, sculpture and graphic decoration among many others). It activates its illumination role in Kurdish Society enhances the modern Kurdish graphic art movement with pedagogical performers having creative excellent skills and abilities , so that the Kurdish culture and the modern arts take its recognized status and perform its role in the historic nature of the Kurdish arts movement. It gets the benefit of the arts heritage and global culture that led humanity since old ages with guided message to promote the collective social consciousness based on aesthetic principles that calls for peace, justice, goodness and tolerance. The department concentrates on the necessity of the openness to current global culture art movement with its technological and intellectual data in order to achieve the quality, to motivate education and arts creativity depending on the variety of knowledge resources of scientific research, believing in the universality of the art experience language, affirming the necessity of individuality and locality dependence of the human experience enhancement in general and of Kurdish community in particular.


The department seeks to be one of the prominent departments in spreading education relying on scientific resources and knowledge resources in improving the civil society by asserting the commitment to requirements of high quality according to the familiar scientific criteria. It also aspires to raise the level of its graduates in order to let them achieve the universal standards of assessing the Graphic Arts Education Departments



The department commits to set graduates with technical, intellectual, cultural and educational experience. It qualifies them to adopt with the changeable circumstances. It also activates the role of art and grace to refine the spiritual life of man power and facilitate its adaptation with the educational visual environment in Kurdish Society. The department focuses on teaching artistic individuality of the students. It extends their solo skills and enriches them with the required knowledge. It also provides them with education. Added to these, it forms the artistic personality of the graduates. The department also seeks to spread the elegant cultivation of fine arts in our local society to raise the artistic taste to the required level in order to develop the aesthetic aspects of the society which reflects positively the human experience. 

Course Curriculum

Required Courses

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Elective Courses

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 Dr. Abdelrahman Jalal Othman

             Dean Of College

College Summary

Full-time Teaching Staff: 25
Visiting Staff: 17
Administrative Staff: 4
Total Number of Students: 725
Number of Departments: 6


Office Hour: 8:45 AM – 2:30 PM
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