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The hard work and efforts for the establishment of Health Science College have set grounds about a year ago to fulfill the necessary requirements before the opening starts. And now, the college is with more than 7 teaching classes and 8 laboratories for different specialization which are very well equipped with up to date instruments and materials. The approvement from the ministry of higher education for the start arrived at the beginning of December 2021 for two departments: Dept. of Medical Laboratory Science and Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry. Now the college has started with only Department of Medical Laboratory Science with 50 students already registered, and next year will start with both.


The College of Health Sciences believes that the basis for the revival and progress of countries, especially the Kurdistan Region, is based on scientific and technological progress. In order to contribute to achieving this, the college seeks to develop curricula, use modern educational and pedagogical methods, keep pace with scientific and technological development, provide appropriate infrastructure for this, develop teaching, technical and administrative cadres, develop students ’capabilities and cooperate with corresponding colleges, state institutions and the private sector, all of this for the sake of Contributing to the progress of the country, community development and reaching the ranks of sober international colleges. 

The College of Health Sciences adopts an ambitious mission to achieve its goals by preparing qualified graduates with skills and information in various disciplines of pure sciences, such as: physics, chemistry, life sciences and computer sciences, which qualify them to work in the country’s scientific, educational and research institutions and serve community needs. The faculty seeks to keep abreast of the latest developments in curricula, educational methods and research applications in various fields of pure sciences. 


Medical Laboratory Science


     Dr.Yousif Mohammed Younus

             Dean Of College

College Summary

Full-time Teaching Staff: 25
Visiting Staff: 17
Administrative Staff: 4
Total Number of Students: 725
Number of Departments: 6


Office Hour: 8:45 AM – 2:30 PM
Contact us: [email protected]


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