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Sociology department and Social work welcomed students for the first time in 2017—2018 in these two departments. This department is part of College of law and International Relations College in Lebanese French University. The department includes two important fields which is Sociology and Social work science; Therefore in the third stage students are free to choose from the two above mentioned specialization.  Each of the fields has a great role for Shaping and building a strong and wise human to understand the society.  In particular, the Sociology science, has a great role for building an experienced human so as to understand social establishments in general and ways to solve the problems of these establishments; Social work science, also has a great role for preparing experienced humans to understand individual problems and finding ways to help and solve their problems, so as he/she continues in his daily life as a healthy and productive individual.  Therefore; the two above mentioned departments will give certificates in these two fields to their student which is Sociology certificate (Social researcher) and Social work certificate (Sociologist).  After getting a degree, a student will be an experienced in one of these two sciences; and he/she can serve in the governmental establishments to its society. The government establishments are: Schools, Courts, and Prisons, Family monitoring offices, women, children and human in general. In addition, it includes Nongovernmental Organizations like development and helping human organizations. 

Vision and Mission

Department of Sociology and social work consists of a group of specialization and have a modern program. Through this program our department gives experience to all the other fields that related to Sociology and social work. In this department, means and scientific methods will be used to teach Subjects of the department.  In Sociology, it will make the students have a general understanding in terms of Sociology, political, economic and cultural, in addition all the factors that can affect and create change in this field. By depending on these subjects with the help of the students, there will be an effort to have an understanding about social, economical, political and cultural problems. In addition,  having a scientific solution for the problems. Furthermore, in this department we will try to explain the role and importance of social offices by using classical and modern theories of the science sociology.   In terms of Social work science, we will try to know about the problems of such individuals who need other people or relatives. In this field, up to date subjects and old and new theories will be used. By developing their society, each society noticeably leads to difficulties. Then, it creates lots of phenomenon and problems, as a scientific part and necessity for understanding society.  



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Suzan Sabri

              Head of Department

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