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About the Department

The business administration department is one of the popular departments at Lebanese French University. The department enables students thorough understanding of business theories, models, and how to apply them in practical settings. The department helps students practices their knowledge within the regional and international arena.  In addition to the wide range of perspectives they are going to acquire in class, students will have interactions with professors from almost every aspect of business. The business administration department presents practical consulting expertise, whether you’re creating a marketing plan for a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable farming or giving advice to the founders’ at-risk youth programs. In addition, the you will be guided along the way by distinguished research academics and accomplished business figures.

Program Delivery

As Lebanese French University is the only university that provides modern pedagogy training to the new teachers in the capital of the Kurdistan Region, we are applying the principles of modern pedagogy to facilitate the learning process in business administration. Facilitators urged to apply a student-centered learning approach, innovative pedagogy, competency-based education, and entrepreneurship education to connect students to the business environment as a pathway towards students’ placement.

Multiple methods will be employed, such as theoretical lectures, seminars, case studies, on-the-job training, role plays, project-based learning, problem-based learning, and entrepreneurship training. Students are going to get assistance every step of their coursework to guarantee ongoing development of their creative abilities as well as vital administrative skills. The curriculum has been structured in a way that permits students to enjoy their learning experience in order successfully accomplish their objectives.

Department Vision
Department Mission

Producing competent graduates for the 21 st -century labor market and ensuring student placement

We provide excellent education and design a modern curriculum to enrich students with knowledge of the local and international labor market and the critical competencies required.


Undergraduate Program

Postgraduate Program

Hazhar Omer Mohammed

              Head of Department

No. of Students:268
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Office Hour: 8:45 AM – 2:30 PM
Contact us: [email protected]