Undergraduate Program

College of Law and International Relations

Lebanese French University distinctive faculty of law and international relations is one of the best human sciences in the world. LFU combines genuine excellence and wonderful diversity on a scale that is unmatched anywhere. No law school has done more to shape law or international relations. The unique strength of our Kurdish region community is that it brings together, from around the world, so many exceptionally talented people of different backgrounds, lived experiences, interests, ambitions, approaches, methodologies, and perspectives. At LFU we don’t look alike; we don’t think alike; we don’t come from the same place. Here, you don’t have to do any particular thing, in any particular way. Whoever you are, whatever you do, however you do it, LFU college of Law and international relations are a places where you can thrive.




Legal Administration

Diplomacy and International Relations

The college of Law and international relations laid its foundation bricks in 2007 as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research gives much shrifts to expanding the research foundations to keep pace with the drastic nowadays development in all the walks of life and to embrace the decreasing number of the province population in training scientific cadres competent to offer scientific and educational services to their vicinity in the short run and their country in the long run. The College seeks to be a pioneer in the domain of legal education, training and consultancies at local, regional and international levels in accordance with international and local requirements for accreditation, quality assurance and safety performance. The College strives to attain its objectives & accomplish its mission as part of its future vision in accordance with the following values: commitment, proficiency, professionalism, perfection, transparency, justice, inclusion, effective mutual communication, quality, distinction & excellence.

The Academic offers include 4 major specializations so your degree will surely reflect your interests and strengths.