Abstract: Covid-19’s impact on brands, creativity and marketing have been neglected as studies are being drawn on broader business and economic aspects. The research explores Covid19’s impact on brands, creativity and marketing using a qualitative approach. The social marketing theory and related empirical applications were applied to find future areas of applications and establish sound...
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Referring to our official book decree numbered AE-5 on 8/1/2021 The Department of Marketing Administration held a National level Workshopon Thursday 11th of February 2021,titled, “Business Ethics”. The workshop was indeed beneficial and focused on the ethical issues in NGOs The Dean of the College of Administration and Economics, Dr. Ramyar Walzy, the Heads of...
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January 10, 2021By
On Thursday 11 February 2021 department of Marketing will have a national workshop  addressed ( Business ethics) the workshop will be in the campus/pedagogy room.
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Department of Marketing will have a international workshop entitled (Etiquette and protocols and how to deal with VIPs) The workshop aims to introduce the following: 1- Clarification of the meaning and origin of the word “etiquette”. 2- Understand the basics of acquaintance and presentation.
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