COVID-19’S Impact on Brand, Campaigning and Marketing Creativity: A Social Marketing Theoretical Approach

  • Covid-19’s impact on brands, creativity and marketing have
    been neglected as studies are being drawn on broader
    business and economic aspects. The research explores Covid19’s impact on brands, creativity and marketing using a
    qualitative approach. The social marketing theory and related
    empirical applications were applied to find future areas of
    applications and establish sound basis upon which provide
    practical strategies needed to enhance financial and
    organizational performance were provided. Established
    findings depicted that shows that when the pandemic hit,
    consumers were moving their focus from the top pyramid
    (self-actualization and esteem) to the bottom (belonging and
    safety needs) of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The findings
    revealed that the SMT’s collective theoretical ideas suggest
    that it is vital for companies to promote valuable information
    during and after Covid-19 using creative branding, advertising
    and marketing strategies to enhance their financial and organizational performance. Illustrations made using the SMT
    depict the importance of targeting the right audience at a
    time when Covid-19 has altered consumers’ behavior, tastes
    and preferences. The Research recommends that creative,
    practical and innovative branding, marketing and advertising
    approaches be devised to create audience awareness, target
    the right audience, reinforce messages, cultivate impressions
    or images, stimulate interests and induce desired results for
    firms to enhance their financial and organizational
    performance during the Covid-19 era. Such forms a sound
    theoretical and practical base on which the present research’s
    contributions and novelty are centered.

  • Taban Kanabi Yaba
  • 01/02/2021