April 2023


On Sunday 19.02.2023 to 22.02.2023 the department of health administration in the College of Administration and Economics held a scientific competition that covered a broad range of topics, including economy, accounting, administration, technology, health, and general information that tested the knowledge and skills of students from the college the question styles were (MCQ) multiple choice...
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The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, department of ComputerEngineering organized a sport activity playing ‘Table Tennis”. The activity was heldon 30th , March, 2023, at 12pm. The activity began with three teams of players set as below:1st was Asst. Lect. Halmat Ayub and Asst. Prof. Ashish Sharma.2nd was Asst. Lect. Ara Zozan and Asst....
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-On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, the department of General Education organized a pingpong competition for 8 of the teaching staff as part of the university sports activities. The activity took place at the university where most of the teaching staff attended. Following the staff competition between players, (Dr. Shahzad Ramazan Hassan ) from General Education...
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