Sport Activity (Table Tennis)

The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, department of Computer
Engineering organized a sport activity playing ‘Table Tennis”. The activity was held
on 30th , March, 2023, at 12pm.

The activity began with three teams of players set as below:
1st was Asst. Lect. Halmat Ayub and Asst. Prof. Ashish Sharma.
2nd was Asst. Lect. Ara Zozan and Asst. Prof. Dr. Suganthi Saravana
3rd was Asst. Lect. Mateen Naser and Sarhad Rasool

The winner of the 1st team played against the winner of the 2nd team, the winner for
the 3rd time played against the 3rd team winner and the trophy was taken by the
Asst. Lect. Halmat Ayub:

1st place Asst. Lect. Halmat Ayub
2nd place Sarhad Rasool
3rd place Asst. Prof. Dr. Suganthi