June 2, 2021


ئاگاداری گشت قوتابیانی کۆلێژی په روەردە و زمان دەکەینەوە کەوا لە بەرواری 3/6/2021 رۆژی پێنج شەمە کات ژمێر –11:00بەیانی ئەنجامی تاقیکردنەوەکانی کۆرسی دووەم دەوری یەکەم دابەش دەکرێت.
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On May 27th, 2021 Dr. Rozhan Dizayee, Dean of College of Law and International Relations participate in the conference led by Top Mountain Incubator sponsored by USAID. The conference covered the importance of entrepreneurship and the current employment rate. As a speaker in one of the panels, Dr Rozhan Dizayee had the opportunity to discuss...
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