April 7, 2021


Under the patronage of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science which conducted a national Workshop with reference to the official decree No. CSE-QA-24 issued March 2, 2021. The workshop took place on 7/4/2021 in Room 3008 at 12:00pam, Asst. Lect. Farah Qasem Coordinated the workshop entitled “An Extended AES Algorithm On Random and Statistical...
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On the 28th of March 2021, the College of Administration and Economics, Department of Business Administration conducted a Viva-voce examination for the Master’s Degree at the Seminar Hall – Lebanese French University. The oral examination was successfully completed for the student Ahmed Talaat under the title, “THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN JOB SATISFACTION AND JOB PERFORMANCE: EMPIRICAL...
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