November 3, 2020


On November, 2nd, and 3rd, 2020 Collage of Engineering and Computer Science conducted a workshop under the title of “An overview of LMS for quizzes” Coordinated by (Asst. Lect. Ahmed Najat) and (Asst. Lect. Mohammed Sardar) in Lab (3) at 1:00 pm. Where they discussed in detail the steps of how lecturers can conduct Quizzes...
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On Sunday, 1-11-2020, the department of sociology presented a workshop by Suren Akram and Dr. Hawre Kamal, under the title of “An Analysis of Criminal Theories” for college teachers and students of law college and international relations. The participations were 15. ڕۆژی یەکشەممە 1 – 11 – 2020 بەشی کۆمەڵناسی  له‌ كۆلێژی یاسا و په‌یوه‌ندییه‌...
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