November 2, 2020


له‌ رێكه‌وتی 1-11-2020 پ.ی.د. محمد وائیل مامۆستا له‌به‌شی دیبلۆماسیه‌ت و په‌یوه‌ندییه‌ نێوده‌وڵه‌تیه‌كانی زانكۆی لوبنانی فه‌ره‌نسی سیمینارێكی بۆ مامۆستایانی كۆلێژ رێكخست به‌ناونیشانی: Donald Trump and the chances of getting a second presidential term? Prospective study
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An assistant lecturer in french department,( Sarah Kayfi) had attended, the second and third part of the training course (the pedagogy by project(s) and digital innovations), in French institute.
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