Department of General Education


Qualifying elementary and intermediate school teachers to work in the educational field and equipping them with the tools that enable them to meet the daily challenges and absorb the new developments in the fields of education, science, and technology. The department also endeavors to develop the potentials of the educational supervisors via holding on-going society service courses and enhancing collaboration with other educational and cultural institutions in Iraq in general and in Kurdistan in particular.


The department aspires to make use of recent technological devices and modern learning/teaching strategies while training educational cadre. The ultimate objective is to create researchers and scholars who can conduct research in education and contribute to resolving the problems the educational sector encounters. Furthermore, it aims to follow-up the graduates in their working sites to observe their performance on the one hand and to benefit from the feedback received to develop and update its educational programmes on the other hand in conformity with the local, national and international upgraded programmes.


They can be of two types (1) general and (2) specific:

General Objectives: They are as follows:
1) Enriching the theories and their applications in the educational field.
2) Creating researchers who are able to undertake educational research and to suggest solutions to the educational problems.
3) Promoting collaboration and cooperation with other educational institutions in the Kurdistan region and enhancing the exchange of experience, consultations and expertise.
4) Designing educational programmes for the workers in the instructional field.
5) Starting graduate courses for the MA in the short term and the Ph.D in the long term to prepare a highly qualified educational staff.

  1. IT Orientation  IT Orientation aims to: 1) Train students in skills necessary to use information technology appropriately and efficiently. 2) Equip students with the basic knowledge of information technology and with the recent developments in this field.  3) Develop the students skills required for teaching related topics in the basic schools. 4) Provide students with the basic education that helps them pursue their higher studies in their fields of specialization. 5) Familiarize students with the basics of scientific research in the field of information technology. 
  2. Social Sciences Orientation Social Sciences Orientation aims to: 1) Provide students with the basic education in the Social Sciences field.  2) Equip students with the scientific skills in the field of analyzing the social changes highlighting the role of each of history and geography in these changes with an emphasis on the history and geography of Kurdistan region. 3) Develop the students’ skills required for teaching related to social sciences (history and geography) in the basic schools. 4) Furnish students with the basics of scientific research that help them pursue their higher studies in their fields of specialization.

(C) English Orientation
English Orientation aims to:
1) Develop the students listening, speaking, reading, writing and note-taking skills required to master the English language.
2) Enable students to benefit from and to use diverse references in the English language.
3) Equip students with the skills required to teach the English language in the basic schools.
4) Familiarize students with the English literature resources: novels, poetry, drama, prose, etc.
5) Furnish students with the basics of scientific research in the English language and literature and with the tools that help them pursue their higher studies

course Book Department of General Education

First Year General Education  ( First Semester )

• Computer Skills 1
• General Psychology
• Kurdish Literature + Language
• Principles of Education
• Kurdology
• General English
• Educational Terminology
• Academic Debate

First Year General Education (Second Semester)

• Computer Skills 2
• جيندر ناسي
• General Educational system of Kurdistan 
• Kurdology
• Principle of Math
• Growth Psychology  
• Academic Debate ||
• General English      

Fourth Year Sociology (First Semester)
• Teaching Practice
• Organizations & Associations Kurdish Policy In History
• Natural Geography of Kurdistan 
• Kurdish History after the second world 
• Principal of Mapping

Fourth Year Sociology (Second Semester)
• Teaching Practice II
• Kurdistan ( Al-Anfal )
• Kurdish Political Organizations Associations in Cotemporary History  
• Economical and Human Kurdistan Geography

Fourth Year Math (First Semester)
• Teaching Practice |
• Ordinary Differential Equation1
• Advanced Calculus I
• Axiomatic System
• Probability and Statistics
• Abstract algebra
• Numeric Analysis

Fourth Year Math (Second Semester)
• Teaching Practice II
• Advanced Calculus II
• Ordinary Differential Equation 2
• Abstract Algebra ( rings + fields ) 
• Computer Applications
• Geometry 
• Computer Applications