A Student Empowerment Seminar “Internet Banking and Bank Card Services”

On Monday 16th October 2023 a seminar organized by the Department of Accounting and Finance in the College of Administration and Economics, students enrolled in the Accounting for Banks and Insurance module had the opportunity to interact with the guest speaker Mrs. Suzan Mohammed Rashed, a distinguished representative from Cihan Islamic Bank. Mrs. Rashed provided an in-depth analysis of Internet banking and modern bank card services, shedding light on their complexities.
Mrs. Rashed provided a comprehensive explanation of several types of card services, encompassing both debit and credit cards, while also introducing novel approaches to facilitate the creation of entirely digitalized bank accounts. Mrs. Rashed emphasized Cihan Islamic Bank’s dedication to both innovation and adherence to Sharia principles in the realm of banking. Specifically, she drew attention to the simplified procedure for opening accounts, which enhances accessibility and user-friendliness.
The seminar, organized with the guidance of the class tutor Mr. Znar Nahro Ahmed, not only demystified complexities but also promoted financial inclusion by empowering individuals, including those with limited access to traditional banking services. Attendees left the session equipped with knowledge about the evolving landscape of modern banking, with the vision of a more accessible and inclusive digital financial future.