Department of Sociology held a national workshop

On Saturday, Jan 22, 2023, the Department of Sociology held a National Workshop entitled ‘An analysis of the concept of gender’. The workshop’s first session was presented by Suzan Sabri, lecturer of the Sociology department at College of Law and International relations at Lebanese French University. Lect. Suzan started the workshop by giving an introduction and addressing on the importance of the topic. The second part was presented by Mr. Suren Akram, who Illustrated the term of Gender and what is the difference between (Gender and Sex). He talked about the conventions and conferences which were talked about the gender. In the continuation of the event. Mr Suren talked about the waves of Feminism during the history, and the role of the waves on Gender studies. At the end of the workshop, the participants enriched the topic by asking questions and their participation.

Workshop Outcome

The following recommendation was given to solve the higher educational problem:

• Analyzing the topic of Gender and how to adopt the term of Gender within our society
• The effect of the waves of feminism in the Kurdistan Region

Presenter/s Information
• Suzan Sabri: Head of the Sociology Department at the college of the Law and International relations at Lebanese French University
• Suren Akram: lecturer at the college of law and international relations at Lebanese French university