A community project “Fundamentals of hiking and Mountaineering”

Mountain climbing and hiking today have been a sport trend all over Iraqi Kurdistan, and many local organizations have been established for the purpose of serving the community’s well-being. One of these well-known organizations is the Kurdistan mountain federation where Lebanese French University is one of the active members of the organization to share its activities with our staff and employees. Therefore, today on Thursday 26 January 2023 in cooperation between the Kurdistan Mountain Federation and the Tourism Administration Department a Seminar took place at the university‚Äôs library to publish the 4th edition of a new book entitled (the principles of mountain climbing) by the head of organization Dr.Anwer Ali Muhamd to sign the new book.

The book has outstanding information covering all aspects of the nature and type of mountains in Kurdistan, personal safety, information about the type of clothing, type of food, physical condition, and the mountain wildlife.

After Dr. Anwer introduced a brief about the organization and the content of the book to the audience, referring to the mountain activity Dr. Anwer underlined the benefits of joining the international standards to meet international tourist expectations and how members need to take measures to assure personal health and safety when trying to start mountain climbing. Also, another area that has been highlighted in the workshop was the methods of transferring mountain activities to tourism business class to share it with the tourists who visit our region and increase employment for this purpose.


  1. Dr. Anwer Ali Mohamad from Kurdistan mountain federation
  2. Houshyar Darbandi from Tourism Administration Department