The Department of English Conducted a Community Activity

From Sunday, June 26, 2022, till Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the department of English in College of Education and Languages conducted a community activity under the title “How to Prepare for 12th Grade”. The Lectures were presented in (Erbil Youth Center) by Ms. Meram Salim, faculty member in department of English, College of Education and Languages at Lebanese French University. The Lecturer has explained in detail the ways and strategies for assuring a good result. Along with the belief that we have to study for the sake of learning not only marks. Furthermore, in the second session she has explained some basics of English language starting from vocabularies and the use of verbs and tenses in English language grammar. With this community activity the participants had a chance to get ready with a good plan for the year ahead and gain some good knowledge about the English language and its uses, and other benefits. 

Activity Outcomes 

The following was the outcome for the participants 

  1. The students knew that they need a plan and a decision.
  2. To stay positive and do their best. 
  3. To know how to study and the way getting benefit from the sources. 

Presenter’s Information 

Meram Salim Shekh Mohamad, joined Lebanese French University September 2021 as a faculty member of English Department, College of Education and Languages. She completed her Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature at Salahaddin University-Erbil. She obtained her Master Degree at Soran University.