Training Course: A Journey Towards Self Improvement

On Thursday 16th of June 2022, the English Language Department at the College of Education and Languages at Lebanese French University began its first day of Training Entitled ‘A Journey towards Self Improvement’ the audience of the training course was mainly university teaching staff. The Presenters continued the training until the 29th of June 2022. Mrs. Meram Salim focused in her sessions on the charisma traits and the enemies of charisma, along with the relation between literature and the ways it has to deal with mental wellbeing.  Ms. Eiram Amjed focused on the scientific mechanisms of working with mind and memory and the conscious and sub-conscious parts of the brain. They clarified the ways each individual can go through to develop him or herself. Furthermore, to make each session more beneficial they had mental activities for the participants. At the end of the course, thanks and appreciations were given to all the professors and participants of the course. 

Course Outcomes:

  1.  The participants got acquainted with the ways of treating the enemies of charisma.
  2. They had a chance to understand themselves and recognize the negativities within themselves and become able to overcome them. 
  3. The participants were familiarized with inside mechanism of the brain when we learn any info.
  4. They were informed about the bad influence and the toxicity that gets received from the environment, so as they will be able to filter it out and get rid of it themselves in different ways.

Trainers’ Information:

Meram Salim Shekh Mohamad, joined Lebanese French University September 2021 as a faculty member of English Department, College of Education and Languages. She completed her Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature at Salahaddin University-Erbil. She obtained her Master Degree at Soran University.

Eiram Amjed Khudhr, joined Lebanese French University September 2021. Teaching Literary subjects in English Department, and the linguistics in General Education, College of Education and Languages. She completed her BA and MA are from Salahaddin University in 2015, and 2020 in Applied Linguistics.

Training course start date: June 16, 2022

Training Course end date: June 29, 2022

Number of Participants: 22

Reference: (Official decree no. ED&L 197 on 9/6/2022)