This topic is preferred to train the faculty members to learn the subtopic of the course “Production and Operations Management”, as it is taught in the third stage in the Department of Business Administration in two successive semesters, which consists of both theoretical and practical. The participants were made to involve the practical part as it is rare, and beneficial for everyone. Hence, we took advantage of the opportunity to give simplified ideas of ​​the overall planning, which is the title of the training course.

Aggregate Planning is a method for analyzing, developing, and maintaining a manufacturing plan with an emphasis on uninterrupted, and consistent production.

Aggregate planning is most often focused on targeted sales forecasts, inventory management, and production levels in the mid-term (3 to 18 months) future.

Presenters on this Training course:

  1. Shirin Jamal – Asst. Lect. Master’s in Business Administration from Salaheddin University- Erbil – 2019, Head of the Department, Health and Hospital Administration in the College of Administration and Economics in LFU since 2020, has presented on Introduction, Overview, the importance of Aggregate Planning and the Practical part of the same.
  • Ronyas Hayyas – Asst. Lect.  Master’s in Business Administration from Salaheddin University- Erbil -2020, has been working as an Asst. Lecturer in the College of Administration and Economics at LFU has focused on Implementation, Depth of knowledge, and Interactions in Aggregate Planning.

Outcomes of this training course:

This course was completed successfully on Tuesday, 14/6/2022 with distinction, and it provided the participants with satisfactory feedback. The participants were able to add the knowledge and information and the same could be transferred to the students as well in the future. The certificates were distributed to all who participated in this training programme.  We would like to show our gratitude to the University Management, the honourable President, the Dean, and the participants who extended their support to make the event successful and special thanks to the participants for their enthusiasm and participation.

Population target: Lecturers

Course Duration: 4 weeks (24 hours)

Started from 15/5/2022 to 14/6/2022