A Scientific Description of Psychological Disorders

On Monday, 13th of June, 2022, the Department of Sociology at the College of Law and International Relations, conducted a national workshop entitled: “A Scientific Description on Psychological Disorders”. The workshop’s first session was presented by Suzan Sabri, the head of the Sociology Department as she gave a brief introduction to the topic and explained the process of the workshop’s presentation. The second session was led by assistant lecturer Saad Bakr, who started with the definition of psychological concepts. This was followed by a brief explanation of the stages of psychological disorders and how these disorders have impacted individuals in their daily lives in the Kurdish society. Furthermore, he gave a number of examples of individuals from the Kurdish society and how they react to psychological disorders from a cultural perception. At the end of the presentation, assistant lecturer Saad Bakr came up with some solutions and how individuals can manage their emotions and prevent psychological disorders.

Nevertheless, at the end of the presentation, the attendees asked several questions and commented on the topic. Next, a suggestion was made by the audience, namely, to cooperate with the government on creating more awareness of psychological disorders among individuals in the Kurdish society. 

The workshop outcomes:

1/ Understanding the concepts of psychological disorder from a scientific perception.

2/ Analysing the available data concerning psychological disorders in Kurdistan Region.

3/ Increasing awareness among academics about psychological disorders from a scientific perception.

Presenter/s information:

1/ Suzan Sabri: The head of the Sociology Department at the college of law and international relations

2/ Saad Bakr: A part-time lecturer at the sociology department in the College of Law and International Relations