A Motivational Session organized for the Alumni of Business Administration Department

On Wednesday 22 Feb 2022, the Department of Business Administration organized a motivational session to one of the successful alumni of Lebanese French University, Mr. Hawsar Askander Khudhur. Hawsar graduated in 2018 and currently working at Lebanese French University. The main objective of this event was to help current students to learn from Alumni and prepare themselves to the next journey and improving their real world experience. Students of Grade 1 and Grade 2 have attended this interactive session. Mr. Hawsar has given a motivational speech and talked about his journey at LFU. During his speech he asked students to focus on the practical skills and gain knowledge from well experienced and educated staffs. He also encouraged students to create a network and improve their language skills to facilitate employment process and getting familiar to the recent development in business and management field. He has shared his working experience and provided important tips that learners may practice during their study. Dr. Sohail Khan, Faculty member of Business Administration has coordinated the session