Effective Communication: Rose of Leary

On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, the Department of Sociology held the national workshop entitled ” Effective Communication: Rose of Leary” The workshop’s first session was presented by Lecturer Suren Akram, Lecturer of Law and International relations College at Lebanese French University. Mr. Suren, at the beginning of the workshop, talked about the importance of the topic and the importance of ” Effective Communication. In the second session, Lecturer. Suzan Sabri head of Sociology focused on the aim of the workshop which was to share an approach of how to enhance interactions among employees, students, and teachers within teams or organizations. The workshop was attended by the dean of the above college as well as the head of the Diplomacy Department and a number of different teachers from the university.

Workshop Outcome:

  1. Vital information was given to attendees during the workshop.
  2. Analysing the Effective Communication: Rose of Leary.

Presenter/s Information

  1. Suzan Sabri, head of Sociology Department in College of Law and International Relation at Lebanese French University
  2. Wzhar Fahri , Lecturer of Diplomacy Department in College of Law and International relations at Lebanese French University