An Art Activity Arranged by the Department of Accounting and Finance

On Wednesday 24, 2022, the Department of Accounting and finance held an Art activity photo exhibition” The photos was draw by a student from the department of Finance and Accounting . The event warmly welcomed by the faculty members and the students around university. The photos were represent the real stories and nature of Kurdistan. Faculty members and students from different departments at Lebanese French University attended and the event lasted for 2 days. . First of all the respectful ( Dr. Nabaz Nawzad) the Dean of college of Administration and Economics, Lebanese French University explained the common notion beside educational systems these kind of skills that should be used to empower students with skills and competencies.

Activity Outcome
The following recommendation was given to students of higher educational problem:
1- Encouraging students to improve their skills beside their studying.
2- Explaining the story behind the photos and representing great quotes about them.
3- The collected amount of the activity was given to the Nanakaly High School as a donation.

Place of Activity: College of Administration and Economics

Date of Activity: 23/2/2022

Reference: Acc-86 on 10/2/2022