Undergraduate Program of Legal Administration

General Objectives 

The following ways are the general objectives of Legal Administration: 

1-To arrive at a thorough understanding of the departments and the  policies of administration. 

2-To know the new administrative system and its growth

3-To achieve a huge knowledge about how to improve law and the legal  and educational institutions. 

4-To train expert employees to work at different offices organizations in  both administrative and legal fields and to be equipped with high level of  knowledge.

Specific Objectives 

The aim of Legal Administration department is specially to assist the graduated  students to have the ability to know on the basis of analysis and thought. 

1-To be able to do the administrative duties of the governmental financial  organizations and the private institutions. 

2-To follow the effective methods by the judicial and legal employees such as the  methods of following cases, following the procedure of registering a property, to  transfer organizations and supervising the letters and other legal organizations. 

3- To apply the knowledge gained wherever needed in the fields of law. This  includes the protection and archiving of the documents and receiving legal  evidence. 

Program Structure  

Mode of Study: Full-time 

Duration: 4 years 

Number of Semesters: 8 semester 

Number of Credits: 156 

Number of Modules: 41 

Mode of Assessment 

Both summative and formative assessments will assess students’ performance for  each module. Assessment tools could be different, but the final assessment for  every module includes but is not limited to the following criteria: Midterm Exam 

Final Exam 




Research Development