Undergraduate Program of Tourism Management

Program Overview  

Tourism Administration Department offers a four years bachelor’s degree and equips  students with comprehensive knowledge of tourism and hospitality in terms of theories and  practices and the study programs considered as a getaway to take students to market. The  program also reflects the way how to run a business, by learning programs such as  Information technology (IT), human resources, customer service management, strategic  planning, entrepreneurship and the notion of tourism, including many other theoretical  aspects to prepare our students for the market. Also, this program will provide students  with curriculum focused on current tourism, travel and hospitality related industries. 

in spite of the broad range of the study program, students take both theoretical lectures in  the classroom and exercise a life project directly in the market where they are one day per  week practicing in a five-star hotel over a span of two years.  

This life project program develops our student’s skills and knowledge in many areas such  as communication, customer care, human resources, and paves the way for them to get to  the market. 

The bachelor degree in Tourism Administration is eight-semester program, and students  are required to collect 150-credit. The program is designed to meet market needs and  allows students to find better opportunities to learn all aspects of hospitality and tourism  industry. The program helps students towards innovative, creativity and entrepreneurship  with focus on enhanced analytical and decision-making and problem-solving skills.  

Teaching Methods 

The principles of modern pedagogy will be used to facilitate and enable learning in the  field of Tourism Administration. Students supported in a way to becomes the center of  education, and lecturers will develop and facilitate their learning skills. Principles of  competency-based education, will enhance students’ capability in hospitality and tourism  administration.  

The bachelor’s degree in Tourism Administration supports students learning and  connecting them to the market as a clear pathway towards students’ placement after  completing their degree. Students will enjoy learning for all modules they cover during  their academic life. Different methods, including theoretical lectures, seminar, case study,  on-job-training, project-based learning, problem-based learning, and entrepreneurial  education, will be used. Students will be supported throughout their studies to ensure the  development of their creativity and key administration competencies. The modern  pedagogy helps students with a passion for business and managerial skill to be prepared for taking a wide range of roles and responsibilities in the local, regional and international  business environment. 

Program Structure  

Mode of Study: Full-time 

Duration: 4 years 

Number of Semesters: 8 semester 

Number of Credits: 150 

Number of Modules: 48 

Mode of Assessment 

Both summative and formative assessments will assess students’ performance for each  module. Assessment tools could be different, but the final assessment for every module  includes but is not limited to the following criteria: 

Midterm Exam 

Final Exam 




Reflective Diary 

Learning Goals 

This program aims to: 

Provides a framework for applying appropriate business models in decision-making  situations. 

Provides a general understanding of the fundamental areas of administration  science. 

Supports students with practical and entrepreneurial skills. 

Encourage students to learn and analyses contemporary issues in tourism industry.


Program Learning Outcome 

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to: 

Describe and apply fundamental concepts and relationships underlying Hospitality,  Tourism HRM, economics, finance, management, marketing, leadership. Understand international business and contemporary tourism industry. Communicate effectively and demonstrate entrepreneurial business competency.  Make management decisions and lead business and public organizations.  Demonstrate analytical, practical analytical problem-solving skills.

Job Prospects in private sector 

Working at hotels in the following departments 

Front office manager 

Housekeeping manager 


Food and beverage manager 

Administrative assistant 

Business analyst 

Customer service associate 

Marketing Department