Banar Fareed Ibrahim

+964 (750) 481 2594
44001 Erbil, Kurdistan Region

Banar Fareed Ibrahim

Head of Department

Engineering & Computer ScienceĀ 


Currently, she is working as a Head of the Information Technology Department, College of Engineering & Computer Science at Lebanese French University, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. She has 9 years of teaching and research experience. She also haveĀ  a strong knowledge of computer networks and V2V Communication. She acted as a resource person for various workshops and faculty development programs organized by different institutions. She has completed undergraduate and postgraduate study in Computer Science. She earned her Ph.D. degree from Cyprus International University under the faculty of the Computer Engineering Department. So far, she published several research articles in various reputed international journals and conferences. Her research interests include Networking, Security, data processing, simulation, and IoT.


  • Ph.D. in Computer Engineering / Cyprus International University. Dated 10.03.2021.
  • MSc. Computer Science Dept./ Dr.B.R.Ambdkar University, India. Dated 01.10.2011
  • Bsc. In Computer Science Dept./Alhaddba University. Mousel Dated 18.09.2007


  • Determine the pH. of Soil by Using Neural Network Based on Soil's Colour
  • Distance Varieties Wireless Signals Relations Connected Peer to Peer Computers
  • Modification of load balancing method in networks with wimax technology
  • Service profile based ontological system for selection and ranking of business process web services
  • A comprehensive survey on VANET broadcast protocols
  • Improved Conservation of Energy in Fog IOT Services Using Machine Learning Model
  • DRCNN-IDS Approach for Intelligent Intrusion Detection System


Teaming Work92%
Quality Assurance80%