Undergraduate Program of English

Program Overview 

There is no doubt that nowadays English Language is considered a window overlooking the reality of the twenty first century. Therefore, the department message focuses on making use of the availability of a unique chance of teaching English Language to meet the requirements of this new life in general and the aspiration of the citizens of Kurdistan Region- Iraq in particular. Its main concern is to let this generation read, write, understand and speak English well so as to run parallel with the developments of human being’s mind and the use of technical machines as well as the unified language of internet, mass media and journalism. Learning English Language enables students of Kurdistan Region to understand the different cultures of Western societies since it is practically considered as an international language. The bachelor degree in English is eight-semester-program, and students toward innovative, creativity and entrepreneurship with focus on enhanced analytical decision-making and problem –solving skills. Students will be equipped with best knowledge and practice.    

Teaching Methods 

The principle of modern pedagogy will be used to facilitate and enable learning in the field of English. Students become the center of education, and teachers will facilitate their learning skills. Principle of competency-based education, edupreneurship will enhance students’ competency in English. The bachelor’s degree in English supports students learning and connecting to the labour market as a clear pathway towards students’ placement after completing their degree. Students will enjoy learning for all modules they cover during their academic life. Different methods, including theoretical lectures, seminar, case study, on –job-training, project-based learning, problem based learning, and entrepreneurship education, will be used. Students will be supported throughout their studies to ensure the development of their creativity and key administration competencies. The modern pedagogy in this field helps students with a passion for English prepare for taking a wide range of roles and responsibilities in the local, regional and international. 


 Program Structure 

Mode of study: Full-time

Duration: 4 years 

Number of semesters: 8 semester

Number of credits: 162 

Number of Modules: 60


Mode of Assessment 

Both summative and formative assessments will assess students’ performance for each module. Assessment tools could be different, but the final assessment for every module includes but is not limited to the following criteria: 

  • Midterm Exam 
  • Final Exam
  • Reports  
  • Seminar 
  • Quizzes 
  • Reflective Diary
  • Others
General Goals
Specific Goals
Job Prospects

(l) Preparing and qualifying well- educated and fluent speakers of English to meet the demands of Kurdish society in Kurdistan 

(2) Raising the level of education in the entire Region by means of English as an international language. 

(3) Creating a solid ground for the cross- cultural communication. 

(4) Developing a spirit of cooperation and feedback with the alumni. 

(5) Preparing students to work in the global competitive market.

(l) Enabling Students to master the basic language skills, i.e. listening, speaking, writing and reading. 

(2) Equipping the graduate students with the critical and creative thinking abilities. 

(3) Creating opportunities for students to get acquainted with English culture and history. 

(4) Getting graduates ready for higher studies. 

(5) Training students to conduct academic researchers in accordance with scientific research procedure. 

(6) Developing students’ adjustable and practical skills needed for more studies. 

(7) Elllploying highly qualified teaching personnel who are keen on distinctiveness in teaching and researching and providing them with vital tools to get the highest level of knowledge in their respective areas.

  1. Teachers 
  2. Translators 
  3. Interpreters 
  4. Translators Consulates 


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