“Public Health Awareness about Immunization & Vaccination in Erbil City Community” a Workshop & Cultural Activity by the college of Health Sciences & Nursing

The Department of Medical Laboratory Science- third stage , Faculty of Health Sciences at
Lebanese French University organized a panel and culture activity entitled “Public health
awareness about immunization and vaccination among the community in Erbil City” at 11:00 a.m.
Which is organized by Asst. Lecturer. Hataw Fryad Saber as organizer and leader, A.L. Nasrin R.
Ghorbani, and A.L. Muzhda H. Saber. The panel discussion was composed of two sections: In the
first section, Asst. Lecturer Hataw Fryad Saber presented a presentation about how vaccines work
and vaccine and Iraqi vaccine schedules for children with 2023 vaccination data that was collected.
After that, two specialists were invited to discuss the questions about children and cancer vaccines
by Dr. Mohammed Hasan (M.B.CH.B. in Medicine and Pediatric Specialist) and Dr. Katan Sabir
Ali (B.Sc. in microbiology, Ph.D. in Medical Virology-Immunology). During coffee break, the
students at the College of Health Sciences and the College of Nursing presented posters about
different vaccines and their importance for community health. The second section is held by
students of Medical Laboratory Sciences in the College of Sciences, third stage (Zhwar Faruq,
Muhammad Safwan Zhina Mohammed, Gashawa Faruq, and Yousif Arf). Bio Laboratory
sponsored the event, and Book Stores participated in the event.

Aim and objectives of the project
Immunization is a global health and development success story, saving millions of lives every
year. For any individual is important that to know about the vaccines and to aware the
community about the diseases that prevented by vaccination.

  • Discussing the importance of vaccine
  • Vaccines that mandatory for children
  • Vaccines that are not mandatory to be taken by all people, e.g. Flu vaccine.