National Workshop “World Diabetes Day”

    On Tuesday, November 14, 2022, the Medical Laboratory Science and Nursing Departments, Health Science and Nursing Colleges held the national workshop entitled “World Diabetes Day” The workshop’s first session was presented by A.L. Hemn Abdulazeez BARZANI and A.L. Hozan I. Rwandzy. They presented the background and history of Diabetes disease & World Diabetes Day. In the second session, Professor Dr. Yousif Mohammed Younis, Adult Nursing Specialty. He is the dean of the Nursing College and lecturer at the Department of Nursing at LFU. provided vital information on the management and instructions of diabetic disease and prevention. This workshop aims to promote the importance of taking coordinating and raising awareness of diabetes as a global public health issue and what needs to be done, collectively and individually, for better prevention, diagnosis and management of the condition.

Workshop Outcome

  1. The management and instructions of the diabetic disease, prevention, risk factors & treatment.
  2. Increase Awareness: Raise awareness about diabetes, its prevalence, and its impact on individuals and communities.
  3. Promote Prevention: Highlight preventive measures and lifestyle modifications that can reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
  4. Empower Self-Management: Educate participants on self-management techniques, including healthy eating, physical activity, monitoring, and medication adherence.

Presenter/s Information

  1. Professor Dr. Yousif Mohammed Younis

Adult Nursing Speciality

Dean of the Nursing College and lecturer at the Department of Nursing, Lebanese French University.

  • A.L. Hemn Abdulazeez BARZANI

Analytical Chemistry

Lecturer at the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, College of Health Science, Lebanese French University

  • Assist. Lec.  Hozan I. Rwandzy

Human Geneticist

Lecturer at medical laboratory science dept., health science college, Lebanese French University.

ڕۆژی سێشەممە، ١٤ی تشرینی دووەمی ۲۰۲٤، بەشی زانستی تاقیگە پزیشکیەکان و پەرستاری، کۆلێژی زانستی تەندروستی و پەرستاری وۆرکشۆپێکی ناوخۆی بە ناونیشانی “ڕۆژی جیهانی شەکرە” ئەنجامدا، یەکەم بەشی وۆرکشۆپەکە لەلایەن م. ی. هێمن عبدالعزیز بارزانی و م.ی. هۆزان ڕواندزی پێشکەش کرا.کە تیایدا باس لە مێژووی نەخۆشی شەکرە و ڕۆژی جیهانی نەخۆشی شەکرەیان کرد.

 لە بەشی دووەمدا کە پیشکەش کرا لە لایەن پرۆفیسۆر دکتۆر یوسف محەمەد یونس، پسپۆڕی پەرستاری پێگەیشتووانە و راگری کۆلیژی زانستە تەندروستیەکان. جەختیان کرد لەسەر گرنگی هەماهەنگیکردن و بەرزکردنەوەی هۆشیاری دەربارەی نەخۆشی شەکرە وەک کێشەیەکی تەندروستی گشتی جیهانی و ئەوەی پێویستە ئەنجام بدرێت بە کۆمەڵ و تاک بۆ باشتر ڕێگریکردن لە دەستنیشانکردن و بەڕێوەبردنی نەخۆشییەکە