“Keeping Her in the Picture” a Community Project & National Workshop organized by the Department of Medical Laboratory Science

 October 25, 2023 the department of Medical Laboratory Science in the college of Health Science & Nursing Organized a community project titled ” Pink is Stronger than You Think” in this project  pink ribbons and awareness raising brochures were given to  the students and staff of LFU. the day was eneded with a national workshop entitled ” Keeping Her in the Picture” to raise awareness in the month of Breast Cancer Awareness,  The guest speaker of the workshop was   Dr. Shokhan M. Mustafa who works closely with breast cancer patients. In this workshop the guest speaker talked about the importance of regular screening for females and the  effect of early detection on patients survival. the workshop took place at Conference hall of LFU campus and was enriched with Q&A from LFU staff. 

these activties were organzed by staff members of Medical Laboratory SCience & Nursing as follows:

 A.L. Muzhda Haider,

A.L. Hataw Fryad 

A.L. Huda Sherzad


لە ڕێکەوتی ٢٥/١٠/٢٠٢٣ وۆرک شۆپێك رێکخرا لە لایەن کۆلێژی زانستە تەندروستییەکان و کۆلێژی پەرستاری بە سەرپەرشتی مامۆستایان (م.ی مژدە حیدر ،م.ی هدی شێرزاد ،م.ی هەتاو فریاد) لە ژێر ناونیشانی (خۆپاراستن لە شێرپەنجەی مەمك) بە مێوانداری بەڕێز (د.شۆخان محمد مصطفی ) پسپۆڕ لە بواری نەشتەرگەری گشتی وشارەزا لە دەستنیشانکردنی شێرپەنجەی مەمك ،لەم وۆرک شۆپەدا ئاماژە کرا بە گرنگی پشکنین بۆ ئافرەتان و کەمکردنەوەی توشبوون بە شێرپەنجەی مەمك.