Sarah Kane’s Blasted: Examining the Issue of Sexual Assault

  • Abstract

    Sarah Kane’s Blasted deals with sensitive issues that generate
    a lot of controversy. She demonstrates anti-feminism in the
    play because of the way she has shifted the audience
    attention away from the sexual turpitude committed against
    the only female character (Cate) in the play; and how she
    places emphasis on the sexual abuse inflicted on Ian the male
    character. Questions that would possibly arise are: what is
    her insinuation? Is she trying to defend sexual violence
    against women? Does it mean that men have the right to
    rape? Why has she not taken sexual violence against the
    female character serious? Why is attention drawn to the male
    rape than the female rape? Does Kane try to portray a new
    view of rape? All these questions and many more could have
    been streaming through the viewers’ mind. Notwithstanding,
    this paper attempts to examine the pedigree and degree of
    sexual misconduct in the Blasted and the reasons that make
    the writer draw the attention of the audience to the sexual
    abuse that men undergo rather than the common and
    popular one against the women. Thus, at the end of the play,
    the critical eye can make one realize that, Sarah Kane isn’t an
    anti-feminist person but deep down in her, she cleverly
    defends women, presenting them as a figure with
    perseverance, love and strength despite all men’s
    demonization about them; and this she reflects in Cate’s

  • 30/09/2021