Examining the Psychosexual Development in Bryony Lavery’s Frozen

  • Abstract

    Sexual abuse is a common phenomenon across the globe; this
    crime has gained much attention to the extent that a great
    number of studies have been carried out on this subject.
    Hence, kids have always been victims of this reprehensible act.
    One will wonder why some men are stimulated to commit this
    heinous crime especially against the underage; many of these
    kids never open up to anyone due to some factors: most of
    them have always been victimised by the perpetrator—their
    lives have always been threatened, while some of them are
    scared of being stigmatised by the society. But it is essential to
    understand that the act of sexual abuse is also connected to
    psychopathic problem. This psychopathic problem requires the
    service of a competent psychiatrist to provide permanent
    solution. Therefore, this article examines the psychosexual
    development in the Frozen as presented by Bryony Lavery; and
    how she proffers solution to this critical problem is brought
    under focus. Lavery examines the cause of sexual
    misconduct—pedophilia and also provides solution to it. But
    Lavery has refused to propose punishment for the offender,
    rather, she suggests that he should be forgiven due to the fact
    that he has been overwhelmed by the feelings he has no
    power to control—therefore forgiveness is needed rather than
    getting frozen in hatred.

  • 30/03/2022
  • https://journal.lfu.edu.krd/ojs/index.php/qzj/article/view/923
  • https://doi.org/10.25212/lfu.qzj.7.1.43