English Language Department in Cooperation with General Directorate of Programs and Printing in Ministry of Education Organized a Community Activity

On Monday, May 22, 2023, the English Language Department in College of Education and Languages organized a community activity in cooperation with the General Directorate of Programs and Printing in the Ministry of Education of KRG under the title (Criteria to Be Considered When Designing English Language Curriculum for Basic Schools, High Schools, Trade Schools, and Institutions). In this activity, Assist. Lect. Nahlah Nafea Khorsheed and Assist. Lect. Nian Saeed Abdullah from English Department at Lebanese French University were got together with English language Experts, English language Specialists, English Language Observers, and School Principals in the General Directorate of Programs. Both lecturers delivered two presentations each where they discussed areas related to designing as well as developing English programs at different levels.

In the first session, the presentation of Assist. Lect. Nahlah Nafea Khorsheed was entitled Curriculum Design: Best Practices and Strategies for Effective Selection in which she focused on the factors that influence designing a curriculum and the analysis that should be carried out for environment and students’ needs before selecting the contents and the format of monitoring and assessment.

This session was followed by a tea break.

In the second session, Assist. Lect. Nian Saeed Abdullah delivered her presentation under the title (Curriculum: Learning Theories, Approaches, and Context). She discussed that three areas are essential to be considered when designing a brand-new curriculum because they have effective role in the success or failure of the curriculum.

Finally, there was a discussion session where the participants raised their own comments and questions.